There is more to coaching than just giving you a programme. It is beyond picking the right move and teaching you how to execute it. To us, coaching is serious business and that means curating your training experience. We believe in empowering our patrons with the judgement of when to make things harder, when to step back and how to power through. The goal is to leave you more informed. This extends to also educating you on the importance of stress, sleep and nutrition, with the big picture being improved quality of life.
Every good relationship hinges on effective communication. With distance, this is especially true. This is why, regardless of what service you sign up for (VM or 1-1), we start with an assessment. The assessment not only gives us a chance to build a rapport with you but also  an understanding of how you move. 
The one on one is something we use in both our service offerings to ensure you are sufficiently coached. We invest this time upfront to ensure everyone can confidently partake in the sessions that follow. From picking the right exercise variants and drilling them down, to emphasising basic habits, we ensure strong foundations.
The group sessions are something we excel at. We've spent six years honing this capability of drilling down form corrections while ensuring that you're having fun doing things the right way. 
Stay in regular touch with your coaches through WhatsApp and phone calls. Follow mealmapper for all things nutrition, and chip away at your eating habits with support from a coach. Track your progress. Learn harder and more complex moves. Keep getting stronger and let the fun training times roll.